Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Kiwi Sport

Today we had futsal with Martin he's from Argentina. Martin was telling us about a game a little bit like soccer. We were indoors playing futsal, Martin was showing us about a futsal ball. The small ball is heavy it can't bounce and he showed us a soccer ball that can't bounce. Futsal is really fun. In Futsal you wear flat shoes because it helps you control the ball.      

Watercare With Sally

Monday, 20 February 2017

Going to Tech

Last Friday LS2 went to Tamaki College for Tech on a bus. When we arrived there, we had to go into groups.My group was with Mr Grundy. Mrs Kirpatrick and Mrs Anderson said to us that we can call Mr grundy SIR. So we went into Mr Grundy work shop and said,"Good Morning SIR ". I was learning about a housing joint. A housing joint is when you have a piece of wood and cut off one end and attach it to the same piece of wood,Going to Tech

Food Chain

Today I had learnt about an estuary food web. An estuary food web is a cycle of interconnected food chains. My partner was Tiava and we created a food web with the photos that I was given. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Panmure Bridge school C.A.R.E Values

LI:To understand how we will use Panmure bridge school values to us make the most of our learning opportunities

Today in LS2 we were working on our C.A.R.E values. Our C.A.R.E values were Confidence , Attitude,Respect and Excellence & Innovation.In our group were Zane, Harlem, Calvin, Tai, Javeylor and Fifta. First we had to write notes about C.A.R.E After we had done that we had to do it on a google presentation.