Friday, 14 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 3 Activity 1

For this activity I had to decide which New Zealand native animal I would adopt. My idea was to adopt a Tui. Tui's are passerine bird (Bird).Tui's like to eat Nectar,Fruit, Seeds and Insects.Tui's live in Chatham Islands. Did you know that  Being a honeyeater, the Tui feeds mainly on nectar from flowers of native plants such as puriri, rewarewa, kahikatea, pohutukawa, rata, kowhai, kaka beak and flax.


  1. Hi Jay-don. The facts you have provided are really interesting. You completed this task really well. Keep up the amazing work you have been posting.

  2. Hi Jay-Don
    The facts you found about the Tui are interesting. I had no idea that the Tui is a honeyeater. Well done Jay-don.

  3. Hey Jay-don!

    Well done for finding some good information about the Tui! I used to love hearing the Tui's outside my bedroom window because I had trees that the Tui's would sit and sing in. Do you hear them singing around your house?

    Nice work Jay-don!

    Nicky :)

  4. Hello Jay-Don, great job on finding some really interesting facts about the Tui. I didn't know that Tui's are honeyeaters. Keep on working hard and I can't wait to see some more activities.

  5. Hey Jay-don
    A Tui seems like a great pet to have, and I've heard them make beautiful music. I would also probably like to have one and the info you have gathered can help me look after it. Good job

  6. Hi Jay-don,
    I like that you picked a great animal. I think that you should have added a photo, so people know what a Tui.
    Well Done.