Monday, 10 July 2017

Winter Learning Jorney - Day 2 (Activity 2)

For this activity I got to interview Laura Dekker She was a famos sailer . Now I have to write five questions that I would ask her. Here is a some Questions of Laura.

1. What boat did you use?
2. Are you the youngest person to sail the world?
3. How old were you when you first started sailing?
4. What made you want to sail around the world?
5. How could you handle the boat all by herself?


  1. These are some great questions Jay-Don! I really liked your third question because it would be interesting to hear how she answered this. Sailing around the world by yourself is incredibly challenging as a adult, I can't even begin to think how a 14 year old did that alone! Well done for taking part in the Winter Learning Journey. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your posts :)

  2. Hey Jay-don!

    Well done on creating your questions! Your fifth question interests me too... I'd love to know how she managed to sail the boat all by herself! I'm sure it normally takes a whole team to sail a boat, like the the New Zealand sailing team. I wonder what she does when she encounters bad, stormy weather out at sea? Do you think she gets scared?

    Keep it up Jay-don!

    Nicky :)

  3. Hi Jay-don. The questions you have asked are great. I think it is amazing how she was able to do it all by herself at such a young age. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hi Jay-Don
    Nice job on creating questions you would ask Laura Dekker. I like the fourth question the most because I don't know why she wanted to sail around the world. Well done Jay-don.

  5. Hey Jay-don
    Those are some very interesting questions and I would also like to know how she handled the trip, not only by handling the boat, but how she felt about being by herself in the massive ocean. Great job

  6. Hello Jay-Don, you have come up with some really interesting questions to ask Laura Dekker. I really like the last three questions. Keep it up Jay-Don.

  7. Hi Jay-don,
    I really like your questions for Laura. i think they are great, I think the best one is the last one.
    Keep it up.