Saturday, 8 July 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Day 1 (Bonus Activity)

Today I have created a flag. My task was to create a NZ flag on this site called flag designer. I tried my best to make best to make my flag.


  1. Hi Jay-don,

    I like your design, and I admire your note about how you tried your best to make it. One thing I'm wondering about is the parts of the flag. I'm speaking of the red, the blue, and the yellow star. What do they represent?


  2. Hi Jay-don. I really like your flag. I also like how you have linked the website on your blogpost. Maybe next time you could explain what each symbol represents. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Hey Jay-don
    I really like the colors on your flag, they mix really well. Like Oh Hsen said, maybe next time you could explain why you put the things/symbols there. Well done.

  4. Hey Jay-don
    I really like how you have put in the colours red and blue, as they are also part of my mum's country Samoa, and I'm sure she'd like it too. Great job

  5. Hello Jay-don, your flag looks awesome. Like Daniel and Oh Hsen have said, maybe next time you should explain what each part of your flag represents. Anyways keep on working hard.

  6. Hi Jay-Don,
    I really like the flag that you made. It is awesome. I think you should have explained what each part meant.
    Well Done!