Friday, 15 June 2018

Kiwican week 7

For kiwican our theme for this week was integrity and we were learning about accountability. Our kiwican teachers we Mr Matt and Miss Lily. For our activity was Copy me and 2 truths 1 lie. Accountability it being an agent of change, for example,

coming to school early

Tech week 8

Today for tech we were carrying on our workbook for my self I liked playing soccer, watching Spiderman, boxing and fixing things. Then we had to colour out paper but the same size as the piece of block. Then Mr Grundy did our sandwich and waited for our neckless to melt.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Leap of Faith

The moon came up slowly and the earth started to sleep. I
decided tonight I was going to fly for the very first time. I felt scared and nervous to fly. I was concentrating to keep my balance. I looked around to see my mum hovering beside me. I tried to be brave and excited but my friends were all watching and
I didn’t want to fail with so many eyes looking at me.

Mum kept encouraging me so I knew I had to be brave. I held my breath, closed my eyes and jumped! The wind touched my
feathers, it tickled. I slowly opened my eyes and saw the grass was getting closer. I started to flap my wings as quickly as I could.


Last week we were doing writing, first, we had to write down our plan about the leap of faith. Then we wrote our story on a google doc. It's hard to make a story because I forget to use my plan, but I manage it. Thank you to Ms Anderson for helping me write the story

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Raurimu Spiral DLO

Today in reading we were doing key into evolution it was about the tunnel vision then we had to make a DLO to show the Raurimu Spiral. Did you know that Raumiru spiral was built by Robert Holmes

Friday, 1 June 2018

Samoan Language

This week is Samoan language week. We have made a DLO about how to say the month of the year in Samoan we worked together in a group to make this DLO. I found easy was to write down the Samoan months name and in English. It was hard because it was difficult to say the Samoan words.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Quiz History (read theory)

Last term and this term we have read an online book called read theory. My progress was a bit low. I have to try my best and read books at home and during school. And I have not guess the answers and questions. My grade level is Three Four and Five.

Animated playdoh gif

Yesterday in Inquiry we were making a human body using playdoh and tooth pics. We used the tooth pics to make our human body movement. Then we took some photos of our floppy human and we had to make it stand. I found hard was making it stand because it had no bones. After that, we were making a gif of the photo we took here you see I have made a gif that we took with our photos. We were making the human without the bones and then we made it with bones.