Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Week 1: Day 2 | Activity 3

For Activity 3 we had to solve out the math problem. This was the question that we were given.

Let’s imagine that you are given a cactus for your birthday. To keep it alive, you must give it 3 ml of water every day.Over one full year, how much water will you need to give your cactus plant?

Thanks to Mrs Anderson for teaching me how to do maths. First I did 3 x 365 because 3 is the water every day and 365 is how many days in a year. So I times it and came up with 1095. So the answer to the maths problem is 1095

Week 1: Day 2 | Activity 2

Today, I completed the 2nd activity for day 2. For this activity,we had to find 3 different sports team in New Zealand that has the word "Ferns" in it.This very simple.The best shirt that I'd perfer is the Silver Ferns because even though you might not get hot in a singlet but in the other shirts you might get a little bit to hot.

Week 1: Day 2 | Activity 1

Image result for Tane mahuta tree
For day two we had to think about if you want to go to Tāne Mahuta or if you dont want too. Here is a little description about it.

I think I would like to visit Tāne Mahuta because I want to see how big it is my favorite about Tāne Mahuta is spotting massive trees. And as it is showing in the photo it looks big and tall, but not tall than a sky tower.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Week 1- Activity 3 - Staying safe online

For the thrid activity we had to create a postive and didgital footprint about what to do to stay safe online. The one I like was to Don't share your password to someone. It was my favorite because if you give a password to someone they might hack into it and change the password.

Week 1- Activity 2- My Hometown

Image result for sky tower
For the second activity I had to think about my hometown and why it is special here is a short description about my hometown.

Auckland is an amazing hometown where many people live. Auckland is special because is the safest hometown for me and you. The wheather seems sunny or not. The places are amazing especially the sky tower. The sky tower is one of the best places you could go. Auckland is great place with lots of places you can go.

Activity 1: The Legend of New Zealand

Today Summer Learning Journey has started which means we have started blogging our challenges. For my first activity I have made a DLO about the top 3 facts in New Zealand we have used the Tourism NZ website to find fun facts about New Zealand.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Meerkats DLO

Today is Book week Mrs Anderson was reading a book called meerkat mail to LS2. It was all about a meerkat named Sunny he lived in the Kalahari desert with his big family. We had to make a DLO about meerkats my DlO was meerkats. I have written 3 facts about meerkats that I didn't know