Friday, 7 August 2015

Mataio's Toys

Once there was a little boy call Mataio. When it was christmas dad and mum brought 2 present for Mataio.Mataio was really happy to get his present he rushed to open his present he open his present and it was a video game and chromebook. Then he put his chromebook in his room and went off with his video game he went to hide some where nobody can find him.He sat down and played with his video game.People were looking at the fly flying then Mataio stand up and look at the people. Then his friends came with their own video game.His friend were Jack and John.Then his battery died and it fell and broke. meanwhile he went home and went to his room and he was crying.Dad went to his room and said “ What happend”said Dad so Mataio said “ My battery died and it fell on the ground” and said “I got an idea I can get a new toy but it is deffrent” so dad went to the shop to buy a new toy it was a remote control car but it was too expensive and dad went to the bank and got the money to buy the remote control car he rush to get it.Then everbody was looking at his new toy but Mataio “said I don’t need that toy anymore” THE END