Monday, 10 July 2017

Winter Learning Jorney - Day 2 (Bonus Activity)

For this activity I had to interview one person in my family and ask him/her what their five favourite things to do outside. I decided to interview my twin brother. His favourite things to do:

1. Playing with his friends
2. Racing and Pretend Shooting
3. Going for a run
4. Playing cards
5. Going to the Shops


  1. Kia Ora Jay-don!

    It's so great to have you on the Winter Learning Journey with us! I hope you have enjoyed blogging and are learning a little more about New Zealand along the way.

    So cool that you have a twin - I always wanted a twin! He sounds like so much fun! Do you like doing the same things as him or do you like doing different things??

    I look forward to reading more of you blog! Ka pai Jay-don!

    Nicky :)

  2. Hi Jay-don. Great blogpost. I like how you have written what you had to do for this task. Your brother Joshua likes to do a lot of interesting things outside. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Jay-Don
    I also like to go for a run like your brother. It seems like he likes to spend most his time outside. Keep up the excellent work.

  4. Hello Jay-Don, I also like to play with my friends and go for a run. Do you like to do the same outside activities as your brother? Keep on working hard.

  5. Hey Jay-don
    I also, like your twin brother, like to play card games. my favourite one is last card. What is his? Keep it up!

  6. Hi Jay-don,
    I like that you interviewed your twin brother. Great work on competing this activity.