Sunday, 1 October 2017

Day 2 Activity 1 - PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge

For this activity I had to write 5 facts about the sky tower in Auckland. To help me I went on the skycity website to find some interesting facts.


  1. Hey Jaydon I really like how you put your information in separate boxes. I also like all the images you used of the Sky Tower it has lots of different angles. Good Job!

  2. Hello Jaydon,
    Great job on finishing the first activity for day 2 of the holiday blogging challenge! This is an awesome DLO that you have created, and I really like the images that you added into it. Although, you didn't attribute the images, so just make sure to remember that for next time.
    Keep Up The Awesome Work!

    - Jack

  3. Hi Jay-Don
    I have just been reading your posts about the sky tower and I really like your colour choice for the mascot - that's a great reason! I also enjoyed reading the facts you found out and really like how clearly you set out your information. Did you know to climb all the stairs it would take you about 30 minutes? I think I would rather just spend 40 seconds in the lift. Have you been up the sky tower?
    Mrs A