Monday, 10 July 2017

Winter Learning Jorney - Day 2 (Activity 1)

For this activity I visited three places. They were Tane mahuta, Rangitoto and karekare beach. I have to tell which place is the best and tell you why I liked that place. My favroite Place was KareKare beach because swimmers are advised to only swim between the flags.


  1. Hey Jay-don!

    Awesome job! Thanks for sharing your favourite place... Have you ever been to Karekare Beach outside of the Winter Learning Journey? Do you like swimming at the beach?


  2. Hi Jay-don. Great job. I like how you have gave a reason on why you chose Karekare beach. I also chose Karekare beach because of the great view when the sun is out and of the big waves. Keep up the fabulous work.

  3. Hi Jay-don
    I really like how you gave a reason on why you chose Karekare beach. It seems like a great place for a picnic! Well done.

  4. Hey Jay-don
    I like how you have included a great reason for swimming at KareKare beach, as the flags are there to keep you safe! Great job

  5. Hello Jay-don, I like how you have gave reasons why Karekare beach is your favourite place to visit out of the three. You are doing an amazing job! Keep it up.

  6. Hi Jay-Don,
    I like that you picked karekare beach. I think it was beautiful. Well Done!