Thursday, 29 March 2018

2 words 1 minute winter Olympics

This year the Winter Olympics was held in Pyeongchang in South Korea. Different countries compete in the winter sports. There are many people who are taking care of there equipment in each sport. People respect to other countries and sports when they lose. This year this theme is passion connects. There are different sport like Skiing, Ice hockey and + more sports. The passion connects means heaven people and earth.

(71 words)

Today I used my wordlist to make my paragraph and I followed Mrs Anderson's introduction

We talked about ideas with a partner, then we had 1 minute to put those ideas into sentences. We had to try our best to use all the words on our vocab list. After the minute was up we had 2 minutes to reread what we had written and make changes if anything didn’t make sense, or if we had words and punctuation in the wrong place. When we finished checking we had 2 more minutes to carry on writing our descriptions.

Then all of the words that I highlighted on my paragraph are on my word list. I did well on putting capital letters after a full stop. I need to remember to use my word list.

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