Monday, 17 December 2018

Activity 1: The Legend of New Zealand

Today Summer Learning Journey has started which means we have started blogging our challenges. For my first activity I have made a DLO about the top 3 facts in New Zealand we have used the Tourism NZ website to find fun facts about New Zealand.


  1. Kia ora Jaydon,

    Welcome to the Summer Learning Journey! I am a part of the SLJ team that will be reading and commenting on your amazing blog posts this summer. We are so glad to see that you are participating this year.

    Thank you for sharing these great NZ fun facts with me. I like how you put the facts into a DLO. This was a very creative way of answering the activity.

    Keep up the great blogging!

    Talk soon,


  2. Fakalofa lahi atu Jaydon,

    Welcome to the Summer Learning Journey. I am currently one of the SLJ students who is completing the SLJ activities. It is good see that your participating in the SLJ. These fun facts are amazing. I even love the image of New Zealand. I know right Auckland IS the hugest city in New Zealand.

    Nice One!

  3. Hello Jay-don! Well done on your start for the Summer Learning Journey, it's great that you have participated. I liked the image used of the map for New Zealand that goes with the facts. What fact on the site surprised you the most? Keep it up!